Board of Directors

President: Jay Tennent (

I’m back! I started rowing in Alexandria in Summer 1970, and haven’t missed a year since. Old Dominion Boat Club, Hammond High School, T.C. Williams High School, University of Virginia, San Diego (Mission Bay) and finally OBC (1984). Coached women’s crews at both UVA and GMU. OBC Board Member beginning in 1986, Vice President in 1988, President 1989-2000, HOTO Chairman 1990-2000. Resigned the as Prez in 2001 to join the cavalry as a Civil War reenactor (Black Horse Troop). Still rowing (with Marena and Bill Weinberg), still riding (on Jack and Luna). Rejoined the Board in 2017. Somewhere in there I fit in the U.S. Navy (destroyer officer), a career at Lockheed Martin, and 10 years as a 911 Dispatcher for Fairfax County. My son Alan works at Google in Palo Alto CA; daughter Ashley is a ceramic artist in Clifton. What a ride!

Vice President: Karin Udler (Membership)

I started sweep rowing in 2009. I joined OBC in 2013, and transitioned to primarily sculling over a few years. I am very happy when sculling and enjoy the Occoquan, good company, flexibility, challenges, and great exercise it provides. I appreciate being part of the rowing community. I work full time, my son is 27 and my daughter is 25 this year.

Commodore: Mike Dobry (Commodore)

I’ve been rowing for about 10 years and an OBC member for 5 years. 2017 was my warm up season as Commodore, getting to know the boats, parts, and the various issues that come up. The fleet maintenance is really a team effort with several folks pitching it to get things done. I look forward to working with our team to keep our boats in top shape.


Secretary: Jocelyn Seng

In 2016, I rediscovered rowing, having been a collegiate rower and always previously under the impression that I was retired from this sport. I also discovered that OBC, on the beautiful Occoquan, is a wonderful organization built on mutual trust, a flexible use-policy and commitment to its rowing members. OBC has an impressive collection of rowing shells, enabling flexible rowing configurations and lots of fun on the water. In addition, I am thrilled to continue to meet and get to know better the other OBC members. Recognizing that this non-profit organization depends on its members, I am motivated to volunteer and leverage my talent, in order to ensure its vitality.

My strengths and qualifications include being an enthusiastic rower, appreciative of OBC! I am a composite materials engineer who understands the complexities of rowing equipment. Furthermore, I have decades of broad work experience, with delivering demonstrated talent in vision, strategy, and execution.


Treasurer: Phil Hoyle

OBC Treasurer since 2016. I first joined OBC while in High School in 1995. I rowed on the Occoquan in High School for West Springfield. I rowed on the West Coast in college at the University of Washington.


Communications Director:


Members at Large (bios are provided by candidates):

Bob Spousta

Bob brings a breadth of knowledge to the Board as an active competitor, an active coach with many levels of the sport and extensive regatta management expertise. He is an active member of the Sandy Run Rowing Community…….always willing to assist/help out wherever needed. Bob is working “part-time” and does have time to assist on projects than benefit OBC and the entirety of the rowing community. He is committed to the OBC mission of “giving back” much to help our sport grow and prosper. He is also a strong advocate of doing whatever we can to share the waters of the Occoquan in a respectful way and to protect the Occoquan environs from unnecessary degradation.

Mark Brown

Clint Spooner

In my previous life, I was a patent attorney in private practice specializing in the electronic and aerospace arts and retired in 2014. I have been a member of OBC since 2000 and, since retirement, have been a member of the Board. I regularly row between 1000 and 1700 miles each season and can be found out and about on the Occoquan under most conditions. In addition to rowing, I have worked with Mark Brown in building the high school launch dock (twelve 10 x 20 foot sections that OBC uses as a launch and recovery dock at the HOTO). I am also part of the Bob Spousta quick response team for helping VASRA put in and take out the fully buoyed race course. I have joined other OBC members in running the OMS regatta (starting platforms and dockmaster) and HOTO regatta (hill traffic coordinator). I have also run the successful OBC sponsored Julia Shew Memorial Scholarship fund distribution for the last two years (after Cyndy’s departure). I am convinced that, for the most part, OBC should continue to follow the tried and true Occoquan Boat Club traditions that have worked well since Rick Evans first started the club. This is primarily a sculling club for rowers although there seem to be plenty of opportunities for social interaction as well. We all have to do our part in keeping this wonderful opportunity available for other rowers.

Ralph Bell

The Board’s term runs from April 1 to March 31. Board meetings are held once a month and are open to all dues-paying members of OBC.