Besides enjoying the company of fellow scullers on the water during the rowing season, OBC members gather for special events throughout the year

Row for the Strawberries

In early June OBC members begin the season with a friendly race followed by a breakfast of pancakes and strawberries. Participants opt to scull a 4- or 8-mile course that varies somewhat from year to year.

Chili Row

Before the boathouse closes in late November, OBC members gather to row and feast on homemade chili and cornbread. Until 2010, scullers competed in a brisk 1k sprint in quads, vying for the club’s coveted chili pepper awards. As of 2010, the Chili Row has adopted a more contemplative format: OBC scullers, joined by rowers from other area clubs, row up to Fountainhead and back in a flotilla that comprises singles, doubles, quads, fours, and eights. The 2018 Chili Row will be held on in early November. The sign-up sheet for chili, side dishes, desserts, and other refreshments will be up soon!

Got Parking? Sandy Run Events and Regattas…

The best part of rowing on the Occoquan at Sandy Run is its amazing water, parking, and vistas. Conversely, not-as great part about rowing on the Occoquan at Sandy Run can be the congestion that accompanies the many scholastic, college, club, and masters regattas. In an attempt to make your life easier, here’s the link to the Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority (NVRPA). Scroll down this page and you’ll see the option to download its PDF of the typical regatta schedules, based on the 2018 events.